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1st quality shavings, colebrook, nh

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Welcome to Ron Lyons Trucking LLC & Lyons 1st Quality Shavings

Ron Lyons Trucking, LLC and Lyons 1st Quality Shavings manufactures and delivers hay, sawdust and bagged shavings.

We have available large square hay bales, round hay bales, small square hay bales, lst and 2nd cut hay bales, sileage hay bales l'st and 2nd, and mulch hay bales. Satisfaction quaranteed.

We also deliver sawdust and shavings in bulk. We have kiln-dried sawdust, green sawdust, and kiln-dried spruce and fir shavings. Sawdust and

Contact Us

Ron Lyons Trucking LLC. &
Lyons 1st Quality Shavings
846 Golf Links Road
Colebrook, NH 03576

Phone: (603) 237-8732
Cell: (603) 359-2337 (anytime)
Fax: (603) 237-8153
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